About Us

MTG is a relatively new company. We started out in 2008 and were based in Cairo, Egypt, In 2009 we started relocating and now we are working from Middle East.

Why MTG ?

- Effective general layout
- Efficient use of space
- User friendly navigation
- Compatible Color theme
- Productive user interactivity

MTG Activates


Our story

The company started out as a collaboration of one designer and one programmer, but with getting more and more clients and orders, we grew to become what we are now – a web design company, which offers front-end design and development, skins for different web interfaces and applications and a wide variety of custom works.

We realize how important mutual understanding, quality, cost- and time-efficiency in business are, and this is why we stick to the following rules in our services: individual approach to every client, fast response, 24/7 support, follow-up technical support and no hidden costs.Work with a team of professional designers who understand your company and your goals. 

 We cater to large financial firms because we understand their needs. We believe in providing our clients with the tools that they need to succeed. We help grow business or simply make sure they achieve their online web design goals, whether they are located in Egypt or around the world.

Due to our close relationship with clients and our custom design services, we are among the trusted companies in Egypt when it comes to professional website design. 

We provide answers to questions that clients do not think to ask and provide constant updates so that they have full understanding of what phase their design project is in.