36 Eng Samir Kamal St.  Emtedad Mostafa Al Nahas St, 9th Zone, Nasr city

Managing Director
Mr. Wael Farouk Abd El Aziz
Mob: 011 1514 570 6

Production Manager
Eng. Mona Waheed
Mob: 010 976 99 394

sales Manager
Mis. Mariam Khattab
Mob: 0100 485 3574


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  • Address: 221 Gesr el Suiz street,Helipoles Cairo,egypt
  • Email:
  • Tel: 01125899297
  • 01060797216
  • 01020669483
  • Fax:

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  • Awesome Team, I’m thrilled with the website Nice & Ripe designed for me.


    Frank Martino
    - Crown Affair Hair

  • Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it.


    Zig Ziglar
    - company Inc

Who We Are ?


MTG is a relatively new company. We started out in 2008 and were based in Cairo, Egypt, In 2009 we started relocating and now we are working from Middle East. The company started out as a collaboration of one designer and one programmer, but with getting more and more clients and orders, we grew to become what we are now - a web design company, which offers front-end design and development, skins for different web interfaces and applications and a wide variety of custom works.

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221 Gesr el Suiz street,Helipoles Cairo,egypt


01125899297 01060797216 01020669483